Aloe Vera…… The Miracle Plant for your Skin and Health

Aloe vera is one plant that brings a lot of medicinal value for our skin, hair, and health.  There are many advantages in using aloe vera.

Aloe vera can grow easily in your garden.  Nature has gifted us with a lot of miracles which can help ease our life.  God really knows the best for our health.  He knows how to take care of us by giving us everything that we need just in our arm’s reach.

Aloe vera is not just a plant. Aloe vera is known to be nature’s answer to hair loss.  We all know that aloe vera is the medicinal plant that can cure hair problems.

But little did we know that aloe vera plants can also be used in some of the common skin care problems that we have.

Aloe vera belongs to the cactus family.  It normally grows in a dry climate like Africa and India.  It has already been used medically centuries back.

It cannot be denied that aloe vera is indeed a valuable property in the field of medicine.  Aloe vera has a gel-like substance which is found in its leaves.  This gel-like substance of aloe vera has a soothing effect which can be used in treating wounds and inflamed skin.

It has been found that aloe vera can solve many of the skin disorders that we have.  This includes treating sun burn skin, acne, and pimples, skin ulcers, psoriasis and hair problems like dandruff.

Counting on the many benefits of aloe vera, we can really call this a miracle plant.  Growing an aloe vera plant in your garden will definitely be like having a drugstore in your own home.

We would like to give you some of the benefits of aloe vera to your skin:

  • It helps in treating your sunburn.

Because of the healing properties of aloe vera, it has the power to heal and treat sunburn faster.

The soothing property of aloe vera will help heal the sunburned skin.  It has an antioxidant property which helps replenish the moisture of the skin.

You will notice that your sunburnt skin will heal faster with the aid of aloe vera.

  • It moisturizes your skin.

Not many know that aloe vera can work as a moisturizer too.  The gel substance of aloe vera is the wonderful miracle in it.,  This gel-like property of aloe vera helps in moisturizing the skin.

Because of the moisturizing effect,  aloe vera can prevent the drying of skin.

  • It works in the prevention of acne and pimples

Auxins and Gibberellins are the two substances present in the gel-substance of aloe vera.  These two properties are the ones responsible for the healing properties of aloe vera.

They also contain the growth hormones which makes healing fast.

  • It helps fight the aging process

The antioxidants in aloe vera are the ones that help fight the aging process.  It also has beta carotene, vitamin E and D which helps delay the process of aging.

These properties will help achieve the skin’s firmness and softness.

  • It can help lessen the stretch marks

Stretch marks develop when the skin was a stretch too much. The skin has a skin elasticity.  Once you have gained weight, become pregnant o suddenly lose weight, this will all cause you to have stretch marks,

Aloe vera can help you in eliminating this stretch marks.

  • It helps aid digestion

For your information, aloe vera leaves are not only for aesthetic purposes like the skin and hair.  Aloe vera also has therapeutic value in aiding digestion.

You can actually eat the gel-like substance and shew it like jelly, this will help you in your digestion problems.

  • It helps lower the blood sugar levels for diabetic patients.

This is another amazing truth about aloe vera.  We all know how complicated diabetes is.  It brings about a lot of complication in your health like hypertension and heart disease.

Finding a cure as simple as aloe vera is a lot of help for those who are suffering from diabetes.

But of course, we should not rely on aloe vera alone.  Diet and exercise along with a healthy lifestyle will correct your sugar levels.  Aloe vera plants can only do its best for providing a little help when it comes to your diabetes problems.  You still have to consult your doctor about this.

Well, it cannot be denied that aloe plant is indeed a miracle worker when it comes to our skin and health.

Incorporating aloe vera extracts to our daily diet could bring a thousand changes to our lives.  There are numerous ways in which you can use aloe vera.

Ways to Use Aloe Vera Plant

  • Mixing the gel with any other substance that you like, ( baking soda, lemon juice or honey) to make a mask.
  • Rubbing the gel- substance to your skin.
  • Creating an aloe vera juice.  You just have to extract the gel substance from the leaves and refrigerate.  Scoop a gel and mix it with your favorite juice or drinks.

These are some of the most common ways to use aloe vera effectively. Use it alone or mix it with other substances which you think will complement the effect will work its way on you.

It may be looking simple, but this wonder plant can do many forms of the miracle to your skin and to your health as well.

Aloe Vera plant is easy to grow.  You need not be an expert in planting to be able to grow one.  Though it is believed to have strive in African countries and in the dessert since it is a cactus plant, aloe can grow anywhere.

You will never regret having to grow one in your garden. If you only knew the many health benefits of aloe vera, nobody will neglect this little plant.

Beauty and health secrets are not always confined to medicine.  Being healthy and beautiful does not always have to be expensive.  The answers to most of our problems can be found around us.  We just need to be curious about the things which can be useful to us.  We don’t always buy things.  Sometimes the best things in life are for free.