Different Sun Damaging Skin Diseases

Nowadays that times are changing and the earth is fast deteriorating, with the ozone layer depleting, many kinds of skin diseases are coming out.

Some of these are considered common but there is also a rare type of disease which can hardly give a treatment with.   So, we can truly blame the ozone layers’ depletion for these.  If the earth would only have a full protection on its layer covering us from the harmful rays of the sun, we would not be suffering from all the dangers of the sun’s harmful rays.

Comparing our situation before, people then have the luxury to bask in the sun during summer.  They can stay the full day on the beach without any protection and the only damage they had on their skin is sunburn.  Outdoor sports can be played with all enjoyment without worrying too much about what you will get after.  The sunshine is really something to enjoy.

Even medical doctors would say that sunshine is best vitamin D, that’s why we are exposing the babies to the morning sun from 6 to 8 am daily.  As they say, this is the best sunshine vitamin we could benefit from.  But anything further than that would already be dangerous to our health and to our skin.

If you will notice, every year, summer heat becomes enormously hot.  Year by year, the temperature rises up to a certain degree which man can no longer tolerate.  This kind of climate brings the ice in the Antarctic region to melt down.

Melting down of the Antarctic ice will bring many nations and territories to great flooding.  We are not discussing here of the climate change per se but what we are trying to point out is that climate change can bring a lot of harm and changes to us people and the environment.

Climate change can damage the environment but it can also bring great damage to us men and to our health in particular.

There are many skin diseases which we can attribute to the harmful rays of the sun.  Here are some of them:

  • Sunburn

This could be the most common cause of effect of sun exposure.  Prolonged exposure to the sun would bring a lot of burning to the skin.  As we say, you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun during the peak hours of the solar heat which is from 10 am to 4 pm, this is the most dangerous level of the sun’s heat which can be very damaging to your skin.

There are those people who wanted to get a tan, especially the Caucasian races.  You can only achieve your tan if you will be under it for s short period of time.  Extended hours of exposure will put you at great risk for your skin condition.

  • Melasma

Sun exposure will also give you a skin condition like melasma.  Melasma is the skin condition where the skin becomes unevenly pigmented.  Your skin appears to be a spotted skin.  There could be white and brown spots which make it awkward to look at.

It may seem to appear like freckles, but freckles are tiny red dots or spots that are scattered through the skin.

  • Prickly heat

Prickly heat usually comes out every summer when the sun is extremely hot and we sweat and perspire a lot.  The perspiration usually gets into our skin which causes it to have some blistery red dots which is very very itchy and it burns a lot.

We can remedy this by applying powder or corn starch to relieve the itch and the burning sensation.  As an old myth say, prickly heat will only be healed when you bath during the first rain in May.  Prickly heat usually goes off when summer is gone.

It commonly appears to babies and young kids to teenagers because they usually go out and play in the sun.

  • Skin Rashes

Skin rashes may vary.  There are skin rashes that can be a cause of allergy or others may appear due to the extreme heat of the sun.  Temperature really brings a lot to our skin conditions. When the outside temperature becomes extremely hot, our body reacts to this and starts the cooling process by releasing sweat and perspiration.

When the sweat gets in contact with the skin for a long period of time, there could be a chemical reaction which will cause our skin to have rashes.  So to prevent this from happening, we should keep ourselves free from sweat.  Always keep the skin dry all the time.

  • Boils

Another skin disease which comes out of a summer heat boils.  Boils appear in the skin folds and creases and in areas where it is commonly moist like the armpit and groin.  Boils can become very painful especially when the pus has already collected in the center of the boil.

Do not attempt to squeeze it prematurely, if possible ask a doctor to do it for you.  An antibiotic may be prescribed to avoid infection.  Boils can regrow from one place to another.

The key in avoiding boils is to keep the skin area always clean.

  • Eczema

Eczema or skin asthma is also weather and climate dependent.  Skin asthma attacks on extreme weather.  You can have it when the weather is too cold or if the weather is extremely hot.  In skin asthma, the skin will appear to have blotches or skin patches.  It usually becomes too itchy that you may want to scratch it.  There are plenty of ointments available in the market to relieve skin asthma.

These are just some of the skin diseases you may encounter during the summer season.  We had this kind of skin illness as the climate changes.  Global warming is indeed the culprit for many skin diseases that we have today.  The only key to prevent this is to stay away from the sun.

We would like to provide some tips as to how to prevent these common skin problems:

  • Stay Away from the Sun
  • Keep yourself protected by applying sunblock
  • Use additional protection like umbrella, shades, and hat.
  • Hydrate yourself. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Use Moisturizer and other skin protection.

With these simple tips, we know we can help in lessening the sun damaged skin cases.  We can eliminate these problems if we know how to properly protect ourselves.