Many were asking about the right and proper sun protection.  This question has been raised due to the increasing skin problems brought about by the sun.

We all know that the sun gives us the best sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.  However, the risk of sun exposure is getting bigger as it approaches the hour of 10 am which lasted until 4 pm.

We, therefore, advised the public to stay away from the sun between this hours.  You may still enjoy the sunshine vitamins but be strict with the time of your sun exposure.  The sun at 6 am to 8 is still considered safe and healthy.  Starting at 9 am though it is not yet too hot, we must already start to refrain from being exposed too long.

Yes, it is indeed very risky to expose ourselves to the sun.  It can bring so many skin problems to us.  One of which is the premature aging of our skin.  Added to that, our skin may suffer from sunburn or yet, it can get dark or uneven pigmentation on your skin.

The worst thing that could happen to your skin is to acquire the most dreaded disease of all, the big C or cancer.  Skin cancer is one of the worst skin diseases acquired from the sun.

So the public clamors for the best protection we can have from the sun.  Although it is really fun to be working under the sun or to play in the sun during summer, we need to replace it with a better alternative rather than basking in the heat of the sun.

One of the best solution to cover ourselves from the sun is to use a sunblock or sunblock lotion all-over our face and body.  This is already considered a necessity when you go out, especially if you are going to swim all day.

Sunblock used to be a used as a status symbol for people who are trying to display their social status.  But now, sunblock is considered a necessity, meaning people can no longer go out of the sun without applying their sunblocks.

This is our first line of defense against the heat and the harmful radiation of the sun.

Despite knowing that sunblocks give off the best protection against the sun, there are still other options that we can use and it can be helpful in protecting our skin from the sun’s UV and UVB rays.

Effective Sun Protections

  • Sunblocks

Sunblocks are the first and foremost number one protection against the harmful rays of the sun.  Sunblocks differ in the level of protection.  You can check it through the level of SPF contained in the sunblock bottle that you have.  It begins from the lowest level of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30, the highest SPF level we can have in a sunblock is 50,

If you want the most ultimate protection, you should opt for the SPF level 50.  However, the level of SPF does not suffice your protection for the whole day.

It is important that you re-apply the sunblock every 3 to 4 hours.  This will ensure your protection.  Sunblock wears off as you perspire so we need to replace it in order to make sure that our skin is still protected no matter what.

  • Wear Shades or Eyeglasses

As we exposed ourselves to the sun, it is not only the skin that gets damaged eventually, our eyes may be prone to damage as well.

When we look at the glaring sun, the direct sunlight may create damage to our retina, which may cause blindness in the long run.

The squinting of our eyes when we look or stepped out of the sun contributes greatly to the wrinkles and fine lines and may form the crow’s feet which adds up to aging.

Eventually, the frequent squinting of our eyes may form deep crow’s line on the sides of our eyes.  This is the onset of premature aging and will gradually escalate as it last longer.

  • Umbrellas

The use of umbrellas is not for the rainy season only.  Umbrellas can be a very useful tool to protect us from the sun.  Whether it’s 8 o’clock or 10 o’clock, as long as we are outside, the use of umbrella is a necessity.

It directly blocks the sunlight with the use of umbrellas, but did you know that black umbrellas are one of the most effective sun repellents.  The black color of the umbrella repels the heat and eventually gives us a good protection against the sun.

  • Scarfs or handkerchief

Scarfs or handkerchiefs are another good sun protection.  If you do not have your umbrellas with you, using your scarf or hankies could be the best alternative for sun protection.

So, you better have your hankies and scarfs handy all the time.  You may never know when it will be in use.

  • Hats or brims.

For men who do not want to carry on an umbrella, a hat or a cap will do.  It also gives one of the best protection for the male species.

Men hate the idea of bringing an umbrella along because it is too girly.  But we need to remind you, gentlemen, that hats can double your protection against the sun along with the sunblock that you applied.

These are some of the best ideas for proper sun protection aside from sunblocks.  We know that these are basic ideas that most of you have already known.  We are just clearly reminding everyone that sun damage is not a joke.

Totally neglecting the damage brought about by the sun can bring worst skin problems or even death.

The skin easily wrinkles and ages slowly once you always expose it to the sun.  The first reason why the sun is harmful is that our skin will be easily dehydrated with our constant sun exposure.

Remember that we easily get thirsty when we are under the sun or have gone from a sun exposure?  The same thing happens to our skin when we expose it longer.  The moisture easily evaporates out of our skin.

Once the skin becomes dehydrated, it will start to dry out and become wrinkled and dark.  With this characteristic of your skin, you will really look old and haggard.

You may be young at age but the other people seeing you will think differently.

Therefore, if you wanted to stay young forever, learn how to protect yourself from the sun.  These are easy tips that could protect your skin for a long period of time.