Keep the Best Memories Forever….. Enhance your Mind with these Effective Brain Enhancements

Nothing can beat the memories you have in mind.  Memories that make you long for the people who make you happy and whom you loved so dearly.  Time flies so fast and the only ones that remain in our hearts and in our minds are the memories of our past.

Though not all memories can be considered good, we can claim that these bad memories have thought us a lesson in life.  Bad memories are the ones we do not want to remember but still, these negative memories linger in our mind.  These bittersweet memories are still part and parcel of what we call self.

As we age some of these memories may fade away but the good ones are stored right in our memory bank.  Memories are all we have when we part ways with our loved one.  When this thing called memory is gone, it seems that our life has come to its end.

When we lost our memory, it is indeed a very sad feeling of not knowing ourselves.  Memories of our past would tell us who we are today. Once it is lost we also lost our identity. It happens and it strikes anybody.  It can be a sad experience to those who already lost it.  But to the ones who still have it, to the ones who are still holding on to their sweetest memories from childhood days can prevent it from being lost.

Older people most especially the senior ones as bound to experience the sad reality of having Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  It may not seem deadly or serious at one glance, but losing your memory would already mean like dying.

Once you have Alzheimer’s disease you also lost your identity as a person.  You will not be able to recognize the important people in your life including your loved ones. That’s the sad reality that we have to accept once we are stricken with Alzheimer’s disease.

The disease doesn’t take away your memory at one glance.  Slowly and little by little your memory will flicker like a light is losing its brightness and glow.  One time he will remember, at another time he won’t.  There will be instances that he will get to remember the details of the past but he won’t be able to recognize you.

Alzheimer’s disease is not only painful to the victim or the patient but rather it is more painful to the loved ones who are witnessing the loss of memory of their beloved elderly.  What could be more painful than a son who had been forgotten by his beloved parent?   In just a blink of an eye, all his memories will be taken away from him.

The big question still lies, what could we do to prevent this from happening?  Is there a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?

This still is the biggest question in mind.  Alzheimer’s disease can strike anyone.  It shows no signs and symptoms, it just happens abruptly.  Before you know it, it is already there.  But just like any other problems, there is a possible solution.

One of the best solutions for Alzheimer’s is a brain enhancer or memory enhancement pill.  These enhancers will continue to stimulate both brains, (the right and the left) so it will continue to become active and will still be able to think clearly.

There are plenty of brain enhancers available in the market today.  These will help boost your memory to avoid having memory gap and memory loss.   There are also other ways in order to boost your memory in order to prevent memory related diseases.


  • Make your brain work.

Activate your brain by engaging in thinking skills like answering crossword puzzle.  Doing this activity will greatly enhance your brain cells and will stop it from degrading and destroying the dead brain cells.

When you continuously do actions which stimulate the brain, it will surely prevent if not delay the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia.

  • Eat a lot of Brain Food

Yes, there really is such thing as brain food.  These are the foods that enhance the brain.  Food can do a lot for our brain.  Some of these foods are:

  • Peanuts
  • Chocolate
  • Omega 3 Fatty acids.

These are some of the brain foods you may want to consume if you want to make your memory sharper.  It is believed that during the exam, eating peanuts can do a lot to help students to recall the most important details for the exam.

  • Regular Communication

When you become a senior, you lost your time to communicate because you already retired from work.  If you are a  senior, you usually stay at home and you have no one to talk to because they are all out working.

In spite of these truths, we must admit that we need to talk to other people when it comes to enhancing our memory.  Losing time in communication would only idle the mind.

Regular communication is required if you want your brain to stay active.

These are just some of the main reason why we are having issues on memory enhancers. It is important to bring the matter to a doctor if ever some of the signs and symptoms of memory loss have already become evident.

Enhancements can help a lot but we need to help them as well too.  Doing this regular routine and adding memory supplements to your diet will help in enhancing the memory of a person.

Losing one’s memory is like dying, it is even worse than cancer.  If you have cancer, you know you will die soon and still cherish and enjoy your remaining days with your loved ones.  But when you lost your memory, the moment it sets in would automatically take your life away from you.  It will be better if your loved ones would have forgotten you but if you yourself are struggling to remember yourself it is the most deadly thing to do.  You are losing not just your loved ones but yourself as well.

Having an Alzheimer’s disease is like a living dead.  You are a zombie, living but not really living. You are alive but you don’t have a life.   So if I were you, better take the chances now, don’t live in agony.  Take action while all are still fresh in your mind.

Before you start to feel the flickering of those memories, better take action. Do things while you can and always keep an active thinking mind.  Never allow your mind to settle idly because it may be the beginning of your worst dream ever.