How to Make Yourself Wrinkle-Free?

What could be the worst nightmare to women than seeing themselves with those lines in their faces?  Wrinkles is a very threatening thing to women out there.  They feel that it is the end of their beauty if they see fine lines appearing on their faces.

But yes it is true, wrinkles can really make you look ugly and old.  We cannot help it but it really appears when we are aging.  It is a part of growing older.

Aging signs as they say, but you wouldn’t like it if wrinkles would appear when you are still young, in your 30s or 40s only.  This is really saddening.

Those who have the money would undergo surgical procedures just to bring back their skin into its young form.  While those who don’t have the means will simply have to take the cheap beauty products they see in the market.

There is nothing wrong in choosing the simple beauty products if you really cannot afford the high-cost of surgical procedures.  However, you have to be very careful in choosing the right products.  There are instances that instead of looking young and erasing the wrinkles of their skin, the skin was severely damaged because of the harmful chemical content found on the product.

There is nothing wrong if you want to improve your beauty or you just want to care for your skin, but you must be very careful in choosing the kind of product that you use for your skin.

Remember that our skin is the most delicate thing on our body.  The skin covers our entire body.  Therefore anything that will damage the skin will eventually damage the body too.  Without the skin that covers our body, we expose ourselves to different kinds of infection.

So we really need to know the right product to use and as consumers, we should check also the substances in the products we use.

We should be that meticulous in choosing the particular product for our body just because we wanted to make sure that we are choosing the right thing.

Since our main concern is removing the wrinkles and fine lines on our skin, we need to use a very effective wrinkle removal cream or anti-wrinkle cream.

There’s a lot of creams available in the market today, but we should be wary which one to buy.  Most of the commercial products now are turning expensive products due to its commerciality.  When a product line has been endorsed by a celebrity or manufactured by a well-known brand expect it to be expensive.

Do the cheap products mean less effective?

Of course not, products or wrinkle creams do not measure its effectivity based on the price it takes.  It also does not necessarily mean that the cheap creams are less effective than the expensive ones.

Some cheap creams can be cheap but effective.  They are cheap because they are manufactured locally and not by known brands.  The ingredients used are mostly natural substances which are more safe to our skin.

It is just a matter of being meticulous in choosing the right one.   The right product must have the right ingredients on its label.  Read the label and check out the substances.  Care for your skin like you cares for your baby.

So let’s get to the bottom of all these.  What kind of wrinkle creams should you use?

Well, take a look at these.  Most anti-wrinkle creams have these ingredients. Check out the substances and its effect on your skin.  If you find it harmful, avoid it.  But the lists will give you all the ingredients that make wrinkle creams an effective product to use for your skin.

Main Ingredients of Wrinkle Creams

  • Retinol

Retinol is the most common substance in wrinkle creams.  It contains anti-oxidant which neutralizes the free radicals that your skin gets from the environment. Retinol brings back the life in your skin.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a common ingredient in beauty cream products.  Aside from the whitening effect of Vitamin C, it can also give us the best sun protection ever.

However keeping the vitamin C can be a little sensitive.  You should avoid exposing it to sunlight and air to be able to use it to its full potential.

  • Hydroxy Acids

All hydroxy acids like Alpha, Beta, Salicylic, and Poly have that exfoliant effects to your skin.

The exfoliation process is needed to bring out the new skin and remove the dead skin cells.

  • Coenzyme Q10

This ingredient helps in sun protection. We all know the damaging effects of the sun. With Coenzyme Q10, it dramatically reduces the wrinkles on your skin and around the eye area where wrinkles become so obvious.

  • Peptides

It is one of the most effective ingredients with a healing effect.  This is the best remedy for stretch marks, healing of wounds and finally wrinkles.

  • Tea Extracts

Green, black and oolong tea is the kind of teas that are rich in antioxidant compounds. It is also anti-inflammatory like peptides.

The most commonly found among anti-wrinkle creams are the green tea which has the strongest antioxidant properties among the tea group.

  • Grape Seed Extract

Just like peptides, grape seed extract has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.  So the combined power of peptides and the grape seed extract will generally promote a healthier and wrinkle-free skin.

  • Niacinamide

This is a very effective antioxidant. This contains Vitamin B3-Niacin which help reduce the drying of the skin. The effect of Niacinamide is the return of elasticity to your skin making it more supple and young looking.

There you have it, the most effective ingredients found in your anti-wrinkle creams, once you found any of this ingredients in your anti-wrinkle creams you can be sure that it will work effectively on your skin.

But you must also consider that there are other factors that you should consider aside from simply using wrinkle creams.

Proper care on your part as the user should also practice the right skin care.  Avoiding the sun and using a sunblock to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun is necessary.

If you will be using creams and keep exposing yourself to sunlight it will be useless.  Use the right product and apply the proper care for your skin and you will definitely be happy with the new you.