Natural Skin Care vs. Commercially Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care, we should be very careful in choosing the right products for our skin.  The skin is a very delicate part of our body.  It is the entry point and the one that covers the internal parts of our body.

Our skin protects us from all kinds of harm.  Be it the weather or climate or even the environment, our skin will be subjected to a lot of changes brought about by the external factors that we encounter daily.

There are so many ways to care for our skin.  A lot of skin care products are present in the market today.  Skin care products are manufactured to keep our skin protected in an instant.  The only advantage we can get out of beauty products now is the instant protection it can give us.

Our skin changes in an instant.  The temperature, the sun, the dust and our body itself causes our skin to change.  When the climate changes from hot to cold, our skin will react to it.  When we become exposed  to the sun constantly, and we deal with our daily commute, the dirt and the dust around will all be collected by our skin.

There are different types of skin. We should know how to determine the type of skin that we have.  There is oily skin, dry and sensitive skin, of course, the normal skin. These 4 skin types need to be dealt with separately.  The needs of a dry skin are entirely different from an oily skin.

We should use different products for each type of skin.  The only problem with skin care products is that we should also need to know the proper ingredients or substances that we should use for our skin.

If we keep using skin care products, we are not aware that there are substances that may harm our skin in the long run.  Chemical substances always bring about side effects to our skin whether you like it or not.

Skin Care Products vs. Natural Skin Care

Evaluating the use of skin care products and natural skin care, there are so much to consider for both.  But when it comes to safety and effectiveness of the products, natural skin care would have a lot to be proud of.

Of course, natural skin care comes from the natural sources like plants, herbs, and fruits.  Since it is all natural, we can be sure that it is chemical-free.  If it is chemical-free, 100% sure it has no side effects.

The only downside of natural skin care is the process of preparing the products. Natural products are raw substances. We really need to work well to extract the most effective way of benefiting from the product itself.  Extracting, juicing and mixing are all the processes involve in the preparation of the beauty concoction.

We, therefore, recommend using the natural beauty skin care for people who are less busy like the housewives who just stay home and have all the time to prepare all the things needed for the beauty skin care.

But if you are busy, working type of person, the preparation of the natural beauty skin care will take so much of your time already.  So most working women would opt for the commercial skin care products instead of preparing their own.

Wanting to have a safer substance for your beauty care would really mean finding time to prepare your mixture and concoctions.  If you are busy and yet you still want the natural skin care formula, you may opt to prepare the mixture ahead of time so you can just apply it when needed.

You may at least want to know the different types of natural skin care products, you may never know that some of these natural skin care products are just around you, in your kitchen or garden.  Using the natural skin care may save you a lot of money than buying the expensive skin care products in the market today.

Now, let’s take a look at the different skin care products available in nature:

  • Honey

The first and probably one of the best of nature’s gift to us and our skin care is honey.  Honey works as the miracle worker for our health and skin.  Honey is beneficial not only for our skin but to our health as well.

Honey can be mixed with other natural substances to achieve its effective or you can use it on its own and still achieve the effect you wanted.

It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Honey also works well as an antibiotic.  So if you are having problems with your acne and pimples honey is one of the best natural substances you can use to eliminate that problem.

Mixed it with lemon and it can work well as an antiseptic.  It can also be good for whitening purposes.  You can apply honey as a mask or apply it directly on your skin.

  • Lemon

Lemon is one of the most common ingredients we can find in our kitchen.  Not many would know that lemon is one of the best substances to be used on our skin.

Lemon is very rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid which is very good in the lightening effect of the skin.

Lemon can be mixed with other substances like honey, baking soda, apple cider and much more.

The good thing about natural skin care is that you can actually mix several substances together and you can still be sure that your skin is still safe for your skin.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe vera just like honey is another miracle worker for our health and skin.  Aloe vera is known for our hair care.  Aloe vera is not only for the hair, it can work well also for our skin.

Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory also.  It aids in the faster healing of wounds.  So it can work well for skin who have skin problems like acne and pimples.

It also helps in smoothing the skin.  There are many ways in which you can use aloe vera for your skin.  It could be used as a mask or mix it up with other ingredients.

There are actually a lot more natural ingredients which can be used for skin care. We only mentioned that most commonly used products and the well-known natural products for our skin.

Comparing the natural skin care products to commercially produce skin care products, we may say that the natural products are still the best and the safer for our skin.