Fountain of youth how many of us are looking for one?  Fountain of youth is our only hope to stay and look young forever. But the question is, is there really one?

Women are one of the beings who are longing to find the fountain of youth.  We usually used this term if we want to stay young longer.  Women in their 50s and 60s but still manage to look like in their 30s and 40s seemed to find the fountain of youth.

What really is the fountain of youth that we have been looking for?  What really is the secret to staying young forever? Maybe if there is a pill that we all can take to stay young forever then the manufacturers of that pill would be billionaires forever too as everybody would love to take that pill to stay young and beautiful forever.

The reality is that the secret to staying young is inside each one of us.  One secret to staying young is to feel young.  Positive thinking helps in how to look young longer.

Sometimes, everything just stays in the mind.  What we think is what we really become.  So if you keep on worrying about looking old one day, you may never notice it but you will eventually look old.

Filling up your mind with one kind of thought will lead you to become one.  Therefore, if we want to stay and look young, we should, therefore, fill our minds with positive thoughts that we are indeed young and we are looking young. That way, we will lead ourselves in ways that we are not aging at all.

In this issue, we will tackle about the many secrets to stay young and beautiful longer.

Actually, this is no longer a secret, these are simple ways and means in which we should do normally on a daily basis to make our skin look younger and beautiful forever.

Skin care should start at an early age.  Once we enter the age of puberty, our skin experiences many different changes.  These changes are brought about by the increasing number of estrogen in our body as females and the increasing number of testosterone for males.

These hormones are the ones responsible for the physical and physiological changes in our body.  This changes also give us the preparation of our body from kids to adulthood.

These hormones are also the one responsible for the changes we experience when we transit from adulthood to old age stage.  the major cause for this is that these hormones are slowly declining in number.

A decline or remarkable decrease in number for these hormones would cause a major change in our body.  This includes the drying of the skin and breaking of the collagen which is one of the primary parts in keeping our skin firm and elastic.

Now, let us begin to divulge the secrets to staying young forever.  Be ready to take down notes and highlight the most important facts we will soon unveil before your eyes.

Secrets to Staying Young Forever

  1.   Think Positively

It all starts in the mind.  A positive mind cultivates a positive outcome.  It is not only true for our physical looks but with our outlook in life.

As we always hear and say, beauty begins inside us.  A beautiful personality exudes a pleasant and beautiful physique.  It is what we all need to get the reality of beauty inside us.  Let us all aspire for beauty inside out.

Positive thinking is backed by good karma.  This is the topmost secret to being beautiful and young forever.  A positive and calm mind delivers radiant beauty on the inside out.

  1.  Eat and live healthily.

After garnering positive thoughts, let us all begin by starting our day right.  Living healthily supports a positive thought and followed by a luscious and healthy meal.

All of these are the remarkable trio in unlocking the secrets to looking young forever.

Decoding the secrets to staying young is simple if you have the discipline and motivation to do what is right for your skin and body.

Eating a well-balanced meal packed with vitamins and nutrients are needed for a good skin.  Whether we like it or not, good skin is primarily achieved by following a good and well-balanced meal.

Foods that are packed with oil, salt and sugar are the ones that we should avoid eating.  These are aging agents which can make our skin grow older early on.

Sodas and carbonated drinks are filled with loads of sugar.  It tastes good but the effects on our body are so big that it can lead to death.  These food groups are the leading source for the major illnesses that we have.

Hypertension, heart problems, and diabetes are the world’s biggest health problems.  We can trace down the roots to our diets.  People who are prone to have the risks in these type of disease are the ones who keep eating these food group.

If you want to keep a healthy body and a good supple skin, change your diet.  Fill yourself with fruits and vegetables as these are rich in vitamins and minerals and are very succulent enough to provide our skin with enough hydration.

  • Live Healthily.

Lifestyle can do so much on our skin.  To maintain a good body and healthy skin, proper exercise is needed.  We need to balance eating healthy and exercising to result in good body with a perfect skin.

To live a healthy lifestyle, one must avoid the negative vices like smoking and drinking.  Try to replace this habits with good ones like exercising or yoga.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep can never be discounted when it comes to beauty change.  If you want to look good and stay young, get 8 hours of sleep.  Your night duty at work will never get you 8 hours of decent sleep.

Sleep is an essential part of your beauty routine.  Nothing can beat the rest and relaxation given off by having complete hours of sleep.

Good skin begins with a good rest.  So, head on to your bed before anything gets late.

  1. Water, Water and lots of Water!!!

Yes.. we need to load ourselves up with plenty of water.  Our body comprises of 3/4 water.  Water keeps our skin hydrated all the time.  It is our skin’s defense against dryness.

Water helps keep our skin firm and elastic all the time.  If it is firm and elastic then we will continue to have young and radiant-looking skin all the time.

There you go, we have finally unveiled the secrets to staying young forever.  Simple yet not everybody was able to comply with these easy instructions of keeping ourselves beautiful and young forever.