Things to Know About Sensitive Skin

It has been discussed over and over again that sensitive skin is the same or equal to a super dry skin.  However, there are other people who would look and understand sensitive skin as the kind of skin which is very sensitive to all kinds of cosmetic and other beauty skin care products.

Though there is some touch of truths to this, we would like to remind everyone what sensitive skin is all about.  If your skin is normal, then it is not sensitive.  That means you have no restrictions whatsoever on the kind of products you can use for your skin.

If your skin is oily, neither it is considered sensitive.  Oily skin needs constant washing and using of skin care products to lessen the oil.  But if the skin is classified as dry skin or to the extreme dryness, it is what we considered sensitive skin.

Many will wonder why a dry skin is considered sensitive.  The answer is simple, if you have a dry skin, there are many restrictions when it comes to a product that will be used in your skin.  You have to avoid harsh and scented soaps or cleansers as this will aggravate the situation.

What will happen if you keep using restricted products?

If for example, you don’t know that you have a sensitive skin and you kept using certain products for your skin, you will notice that your skin becomes considerably itchy.  The itchiness prolongs more than just the normal itch you feel when it gets dry.  As the itch becomes more prominent, you cannot control the urge to scratch.

Scratching that may lead to bruising of the skin.  That’s how sensitive a dry skin is.  We cannot recommend just any product for your skin type.  Whenever you have to use something for your skin, it has to be hypoallergenic.

So what kind of care should we give our sensitive skin?  If you have classified and identified yourself as having a sensitive skin, you should watch out for every product you used for your skin, whether it is for cosmetic products or for beauty skin care products.

Skin classification is important because we cannot depend on kiss and tell the kind of product that is appropriate for your skin.  If you are not aware of the kind of skin that you have, then you will experience a lot of hit and miss in your skin care.  Good enough if you can always get away from the harmful effects of the wrong product, but what if you don’t and in using the wrong product your skin gets heavily harmed?

The skin is our best personality we can show to other people.  Admit it or not, a person with good flawless looking skin always gets the most interest and the most admiration.  Admit it or not, good looking skin always get the more praises and acknowledgment and it adds up to your self-confidence.  Admiration from other people is what we always wanted unconsciously.

Whether you wanted to be humble by saying that admiration from other people is not your cup of tea, the praises that you get from others would somehow boost your appeal and self-confidence.

We are saying this because we want you to take good care of your skin.  It takes a lot of effort to properly care for the skin especially if you belong to the sensitive skin group.

People with sensitive skin need to double their time and their effort in choosing the cosmetics and the beauty skin care products they used.  This will enable them to check and carefully scrutinize every content and substance the product has.

What kind of beauty skin care product should a sensitive skin used

  • Gentle Scented-free Products

Anything that has perfume in it or any artificial scent to make it smell good is certainly a product that is loaded with lots of chemicals. Chemical substances are not good for the skin more over, a sensitive skin.

Harsh chemicals like scented soaps can be irritating to your skin.  If you already have dry skin and you used this product, the more your skin will turn dry.  The same reason why we asked sensitive skin people to limit their use with ordinary unscented soaps.  These are the mild types that won’t damage your skin.

  • Hypoallergenic Sunblock

Constant sun exposure will generally dry and burn the skin.  Added to that is the damaging UV rays of the sun.  Knowing that your skin is already dry, not giving it enough protection will naturally worsen the situation.  Your skin will lack the necessary hydration it needs to keep it moist and supple all the time.

For sensitive skin people, you should really avoid exposing yourself to the sun.  It will not just dry your skin even more, but it may lead to more serious problems like skin cancer.  Sensitive skin deserves all the love and care from you.  It is one of the most difficult types of skin to deal with, knowing that any kind of products might be harmful to it.

For ensuring your protection against the sun, apply a hypo-allergenic sunblock to your skin.  This will not harm your skin since it is hypo-allergenic.  It is gentle for sensitive skin like yours.

  • Water-based cosmetics or hypo-allergenic foundations or makeup

Sensitive skin should always consider using hypo-allergenic.  If you can’t find one for the type of beauty skin care you need, opt for a water-based cosmetics or skin care.  The lesser the oil, the lesser it becomes dangerous to your skin.

Oil-based make-ups would clog the pores and add up to the condition of dry skin.  Remember that extreme dryness of the skin would lead to uncontrollable itching which may cause bruising of the skin.

The bruising may lead to scarring which is also not a very good sight to see.  Sensitive skin should really be handled with care.  A sensitive skin becomes fragile and vulnerable to the outside forces like scratching.

Those are just some of the samples of what kind of products can be used for your sensitive skin.  But we think that you can already tell what is good or not based on instinct and benefits they get from the products.